It's Gonna Be A Radio Day

from by Deperuse



really don't want to work today
you know I'm the one that always shows up anyway
even on a Sunday

I would use up all the hours
on making a record all alone
I have a fifteen minute drive ahead
there's always fifteen minutes 'til I gotta leave anyway

oh no, too bad
someone shoved seven cd's into the six cd changer

It's gonna be a radio day
It's gonna be a radio day

and the songs I haven't made yet
will be in my head at work
and the honey I haven't even kissed yet
will be haunting my head 'til bed

where I sit up 'til 3 writing more
oh yeah, work can be a drag
and we live too far from our brothers and sisters
gotta change the tires, rewire, and pay my bills

oh yeah, if you guys
hear that I quit
I'll be up even later at night

and my days will be radio days
all my days are radio days


from Deperuse, released June 21, 2014



all rights reserved



Windsor, Ontario

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